A cloud of uncertainty has descended overt the Hinkley C project after EDF failed to announce the Final Investment Date this month.

A board meeting of the French firm gave no word on signing off the decision leaving Somerset firms in a state of limbo. Mike Murphy of Highbridge’s Chamber of Commerce said that combined with the doubts over the outcome of the referendum it was influencing business in the area.

He said: “It seems to be a political game with EDF and the final decision. It’s a major project that relies on Government funding, Chinese funding and French funding, and it’s creating uncertainty in the town. Potentially it will be good but some of the big companies have delayed as a result and held off on investing in property. We’ve just got to hang on it there.”

The MP Ian Liddell Grainger recently told the Weekly News that dealing with EDF was like dealing with British Leyland in the 1970s. It was a French Government business he said and it worked slowly with a lot of politics involved.

Mr Murphy also felt the doubt over the outcome of the EU referendum wasn’t helping the situation and rounded on the MP Boris Johnson’s decision to back the out campaign as damaging the economy. He said: “Because of that idiot Boris Johnson there are major problems for stirling. The pound has dropped by a big percentage which has put up the cost of buying Euros for companies. The markets are very sensitive to these things and they don’t like uncertainty.”

The Burnham Chamber of Commerce have also expressed concern as the potential investment is having an effect on the town while in Bridgwater the business community has got the jitters. Steve Leahy of the Bridgwater Chamber said the business community had been treading water and had seen one delay after another. However he said EDF wasn’t the only investor in the area with development taking place at the station, the Leggar Link, Northgate and Bridgwater Gateway.

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