IT IS definitely the season of summer love in Burnham-on-Sea, as brand new heart shaped cycle hoops have been installed.

The red coloured hoops are now visible, from last week, along the Esplanade at prominent locations.

There are three hoops in total, all situated between the jetty and the Bay View Cafe, to be used by cyclists.

Town centre manager, Beverly Milner Simonds, said: "Cycling is a healthy way to get around our relatively flat town centre.

"I hope that the cycle hoops are well used by locals and visiting cyclists.

"Many thanks to Sedgemoor District Council for making this such an easy improvement to deliver."

The sea front jetty is popular destination for cyclists and the new hoops provide a secure, yet different place to lock bicycles whilst riders head off to explore the town.

The hoops are red hearts and have been manufactured by London based cycling specialist Cyclehoop Ltd.

Their design means that a locked cycle won't slip down and become a trip hazard for pedestrians.

A spokesperson for Sedgemoor District Council, said: "Sedgemoor District Council are pleased to have worked with Burnham on Sea and Highbridge Town Council to provide secure cycle hoops for cyclists.

"We hope they will raise a smile, whilst being practical."

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