JAMES Heappey, the MP for Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge has said he will be voting to stay in the EU at next week's election, after dancing the "EU Hokey Cokey".

Mr Heappey, who has just celebrated his first year as MP, made the announcement in a blog on Conservative Home

He said: "I’ve been dancing the EU Hokey-Cokey.

"Three years ago, I was out. After the Bloomberg speech, I was in.

"After the renegotiation was unveiled, I was out. But now, with just over ten days to go, the music has stopped, and I’m in.

"There has been no Damascene conversion – I still think the EU is urgently in need of change that goes well beyond the concessions won in our renegotiation."

He added that he has been "disappointed" by both campaigns, due to scare stories and "hopelessly biased leaflets from the Government."

He also said his decision to vote to stay in is probably the opposite way to the bulk of the majority of his constituents and that the option wasn't an easy one.

He added: "But this is a decision of huge importance, shaping the future of our country for decades to come and so doing what is easy, is surely trumped by doing what is right.

No matter what I think of the EU, I just cannot turn a blind eye to the gaping hole in the case for leaving.

"On June 24th, we don’t get to press pause whilst we design our trade deal and negotiate it with the EU.

"The world will go on around us, the markets will react, international businesses will make decisions about where they’ll invest and none of it will react well to our self-inflicted economic uncertainty.

"To avoid that whopping great leap into the unknown, I’ll be holding my nose and voting to remain."

You can read what James said in full here.

Taunton Deane's MP Rebecca Pow has said she will be voting to stay in, West Somerset and Bridgwater MP Ian Liddell-Grainger said he is still on the fence and Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh has said he will be voting out.

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