A HIGHBRIDGE school has teamed up with the University of Bristol to offer Latin lessons to its students.

The King Alfred School on Burnham Road has partnered up with the university's classics department to introduce the language to the pupils which they hope will boost literacy and learning across the school.

Becky Hewlitt, English teacher at The King Alfred School, who is leading the new studies, said: "Our students are so excited about learning Latin.

"It will benefit them in a huge variety of ways and prepare them for further learning.”

Teachers at the school are in the process of attending training days to learn how to teach the new topic as well as getting guidance on textbooks and resources for their students.

Hannah Walsh, Bristol Classics Hub co-ordinator at the University of Bristol, said they are excited to be helping teachers bring the subject to the school.

"The Bristol Classics Hub at the University of Bristol supports the development of classical subjects in schools across the South West.

"We believe that every pupil deserves to benefit from the learning, enjoyment and inspiration that Classics provides and therefore we are delighted to be supporting the introduction of Latin at The King Alfred School.

"Having provided some textbooks to get the project going, we will also be offering training and ongoing support to the teachers and students involved in this exciting initiative."

This is latest in a series of new initiatives the school has introduced this year as part of an improvement programme after their 'requires improvement' Ofsted rating in April.

A spokesman for The King Alfred School said the school is waiting for books to be delivered from Bristol University before classes can start.

"Mrs Hewlitt hopes to start at lunchtimes and after school for those students who are interested.

"She is hoping to start next week but no definite delivery date as yet."