A FAMILY of five had a lucky escape after their car became stuck on Burnham-on-Sea beach. 

Burnham Coastguard were called at 11.55am on Sunday (February 11) after a beach warden spotted a car was trapped along the soft part of Burnham beach. 

The coastguard and members of BARB went to the scene to help the family. 

Two of the coastguard crew rushed to the vehicle and started helping the family to safety as the tide was coming in fast. 

A spokesman for Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard, said: "Our priority was the families safety. 

"Once BARB arrived they and a local farmer with his tractor set about attempting to retrieve the vehicle.

"Due to the distance the tractor was unable to reach the car and after two attempts it was decided that for the safety of the rescue crews and vehicles that the car would have to be left to the tide until it recedes enough to safely recover."

The coastguard has warned residents to check their surroundings before driving their cars on the beach. 

"The owner stated that having driven on other beaches where it was firm he assumed all beaches were the same," the spokesman said. 

"A costly lesson that not all beaches are the same and that you should always check your surroundings.

"As you can see from the trenches the tractor wheels created there is only a thin crust of sand before it becomes mud.

"What may be firm to walk on will not be hard enough to drive across.

"This car will now have two tides over it and the owners will face an expensive recovery bill from a private company.

"It is great to drive on the beach and can be very safe if you stay up the top on the designated parking area.

"On occasions there are those who don't realise the dangers of venturing to far and sadly they lose their vehicle to the elements.

"Thankfully they only lost their car and we don't have five casualties."

If you see anyone in difficulty along the coast Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.