A PETITION has been launched to save Highbridge Library from closure - with supporters saying the move would benefit the community. 

25 people have already signed up to the petition which was set up by the Save Highbridge Library group yesterday (February 18). 

The campaign group formed just under two weeks ago after Somerset County Council launched a consultation over the future of county libraries.

Under the plans, 15 of 34 libraries could close unless ‘community involvement’ is found to keep them running.

But if nothing can be arranged, many face closure, being replaced with mobile library services or possible relocation.

The petition says the library is a 'valuable' resource for the community and that residents in Highbridge will benefit from it remaining open as many have poor internet access. 

"We don't just use libraries to borrow books - we use them for reading, we use them for researching, we use them for the internet services they provide and we need libraries to foster our learning," the petition read. 

"Older people need libraries, adults and young adults need libraries - and families need libraries and this means libraries with trained librarians, not just volunteers.

"In spite of much deprivation and poor internet access, Highbridge and many other similar communities are now growing - new houses being built and new young families moving into the area - this town needs a hub for its local services."

The petition also says the library's existing opening hours are 'restrictive' and is calling on the county council to increase them so more people can use the service.

"The current library opening hours provide only restricted access to library services - the town is expanding - this service needs expanding.

The County Council has kept open the Highbridge Children's Centre and should be using the same arguments for investing in the Library.

"The Highbridge library is a valuable information hub - not only for the residents of Highbridge itself, but all those many, otherwise isolated, users in the outlying areas, some of which may only have mobile library access now, e.g. Mark, Walrow, Isleport, Bason Bridge & Watchfield.

"These are users who can get to Highbridge Library using the existing  public transport links.

"Burnham on Sea Library is just one further step away.

"For a young parent with little children in Highbridge, it has been calculated that it costs £9.00 to get public transport to Burnham and back - but you can walk to the Highbridge Library."

To view the petition click here 

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