ALMOST 2% of married people in Taunton could be having an affair, according to a new report.

The new Infidelity Index for 2018 uses data from users of the website to produce a geographical breakdown of those most likely to be cheating.

The postal data of adulterers on is mapped against the adult population of each town, giving an overall percentage of cheating adults, along with each town's overall number of adulterers. 

The most adulterous town in the country is Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, while the most faithful town is Wigan in Greater Manchester.

Gloucester and Bath are the fifth and third most adulterous cities in the entire country, with 8.05% and 8.61% of their respective adult populations looking to cheat, while Bristol sits 40th, with 3.18%.

In Somerset, Taunton sits atop the cheater table, with 1,193 looking for an affair, putting it ninth in the list of UK towns.

Christian Grant, an spokesman, said: “People from Bristol can officially say that they’re the most faithful out of almost everybody in the West Country.

“It’s surprising, primarily because the West Country is rife with adulterers, particular in its major cities, so Bristol stands out as the very rare exception to the rule - something to be proud of.

“If you’re from Gloucester or Bath however, it might be worth consulting a marriage counsellor, having a frank and open discussion with your partner, or taking some alternative course of action if you want to prevent your relationship from going down the infidelity route."

The full list of Somerset towns is:

Taunton: 1193
Bridgwater: 840
Wellington: 306
Chard: 241
Burnham-on-Sea: 230
Cowbridge (near Minehead): 185
Ilminster: 133
Somerton: 104
Crewkerne: 104
Watchet: 79