A DISTRESSED deer was rescued by a wildlife charity after it was found trapped in garden wire and netting in a Glastonbury garden. 

Staff at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill were called by a member of the public who found the beast in their garden. 

The deer accidentally got its antlers caught in wire and netting and was unable to get free. 

When volunteer response drivers from Secret World arrived they secured the buck to the ground, removed the netting and wire and assessed the animal for injuries. 

Luckily the deer was unharmed and Secret World staff released the beast back into the wild immediately. 

Paul Kite, a volunteer response driver from Secret World was at the scene and said he was pleased the deer was released so quickly. 

“It’s always a good feeling to rescue animals in need of help and it’s an even better feeling to be able to release them straight away," Paul said. 

"As a response driver, I’ve rescued many animals over the years. It’s always a thrill to see animals up close and being in the position to give them a second chance."

The wildlife charity is inviting residents to a volunteer training day on April 21 in a bid to recruit more volunteers. 

From 10.30am to 12.30pm the charity will hold a training session for volunteer response drivers. This will cover how to rescue and transport sick animals across the South West.

The charity will then hold a session on how to rear orphans from 1.30pm to 3pm.

For those wanting to attend both sessions, prospective volunteers are asked to bring a packed lunch.

To register for either sessions, please contact Secret World on 01278 783250 or email info@secretworld.org