A TINY bat too weak to fly after a long and harsh winter has been saved by one of the South West’s leading animal charities.

The brown long-eared bat was found by a member of the public in her garden near Wellington, Somerset.

While the animal was uninjured, it was evident the winter weather had sapped its energy.

The bat spent a period of recuperation at the Secret World Wildlife Centre in East Huntspill and was fed up to weight.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

After some trial flight runs to ensure it was strong enough to fly, the bat was released on Monday evening, back into the garden where it was found.

Dan Bryant, one of the centre’s animal carers tasked with looking after the bat during its stay at Secret World, said: “The owner was thrilled to have the bat returning to her garden.

"With lots of nearby woodland for the bat to hunt in, the area is perfect for it. With the warmer temperatures, it shouldn’t have a problem finding food.”