COUNCIL bosses requested a ‘police escort’ during apparent attempts to remove a paddling pool from a Somerset housing estate.

Parents chipped in to buy children the pool and placed it in their housing estate’s playground in Highbridge as temperatures soared.

Sedgemoor District Council confirmed the pool was being investigated due to “significant concerns about safety” yesterday.

And this picture appears to show the moment police and council officials turned up this morning – but the plug was already pulled as fresh water was needed.

Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News:

The picture was posted by a Highbridge resident, who said: “B****y ridiculous. Council turned up with police in tow, just to remove a kids’ paddling pool put there by parents, cleaned, supervised and covered properly - real community spirit and the council object (SIC)."

Sam Wridley-Brown, a Talbot Close resident, said the pool was placed in the park because none of the parents have a garden.

He said: “The council turned up this morning to tell us it had to be removed. We were also told we need insurance cover of £5m and a health and safety assessment, and then we can have it back.

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“The pool is supervised 24/7. If there’s a child in it, there’s at least two parents within a two-foot radius.

“Because we told the council it would not be removed, they said they would bring the police.”

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: “We attended at the request of the council just to ensure there is no breach of the peace.”

A Sedgemoor District Council spokesman said: “The splash pool (depth 1m) in Talbot Close Play area in Highbridge has been emptied by the owners on advice from Sedgemoor District Council.

“The owners had claimed that it is supervised and a lid is on it when not in use.  However, it cannot be supervised 24/7 and anyone, not necessarily the owners or nearby tenants, could get into the pool by just lifting the lid.

“That is why SDC have asked for the appropriate risk assessments and insurances to be in place, as we would with any other event or activity.  The processes are in place to protect all parties concerned.

“Whilst we fully understand that this is be an unpopular move, the pool stands on council-owned land and public safety is paramount.   Any event or activity on SDC land is required to have permission and we have offered to help the tenants in completing the process.”