A MOTHER is urging residents to clean up their mess after her daughter stepped in a shard of glass on Burnham-on-Sea beach and suffered a deep cut to her foot.

Tara Dennis, 29, was walking with her children and two of their friends down on the beach on July 1 when she heard her daughter, Tamisha-Marie, 11, scream in pain.

"My daughter was walking along the beach just past the pier and I was on the top watching down at her with my other children," Tara said.

"All of a sudden Tamisha let out this almighty scream. I look down and all I saw was all this blood.

"As I ran down the steps to get her to aid I noticed some other people were running to her. She had a massive cut to her foot and blood was running out.

"It was a piece of glass that she stood on."

Tara quickly called an ambulance and her daughter was taken to Musgrove Park Hospital for an X-ray.

The 11-year-old had to have stitches and Tara said its not clear how much long term damage has been done to her foot.

"She was petrified, she had to be put on a drug called Ketamine, it was horrible seeing her like that," Tara said.

"She was screaming and screaming and wouldn't let anyone near her, it was awful she was so scared."

Tara said she doesn't want the same thing to happen to other children and is calling on residents and Sedgemoor District Council to keep the beach clean.

"I would say to anyone be safe when walking along any beach. I would now advise anyone to wear shoes, you just don't know what's hidden under the sand," Tara.

"People they need to clean up after themselves because this is what happens if you don't.

"I wouldn't want to anyone go through what my daughter did.

"Next time it could be more serious."

A spokesman for Sedgemoor District Council said the council cleans the beach regularly.

"We litter pick on a daily basis.

"There are several community groups that litter pick and our beach wardens are constantly reminding people to clear up and take litter home."