MORE than 50 residents packed into a meeting in Burnham Town Council chambers on Thursday to hear the latest on plans to build 121 homes at Lakeside in Highbridge.

Toni Hammick, managing director for Property Link Consultants, gave a presentation highlighting how the developer had 'listened to concerns' from the previous consultation and come back with answers and some amendments to the plan.

Residents concerns included the loss of public open space, concerns over traffic safety and the impact on wildlife if the development were to go ahead.

The meeting became heated at times as a handful of frustrated residents were fairly hostile toward Ms Hammick and her team as they attempted to answer questions.

In her presentation Ms Hammick outlined how the developer had listen to concerns and relocated blocks of flats so that no buildings on the northern boundary of the site were taller than two stories.

Ms Hammick explained how the size of the units would meet national space standards, and that the 1.2 acres of public open space would be well maintained and feature a children's play park, as opposed to the 'overgrown scrubland' currently on the site.

She also said the developers would be paying £301,616 which would go towards infrastructure such as schools and doctor's surgeries.

However many residents at the meeting were clearly unimpressed, with Cllr Phil Harvey highlighting how he was unimpressed with the current plans for public open space.

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Cllr Harvey said: "I think it is a bit rich for you to stand up on behalf of the developer and talk about the lack of maintenance on the public open space.

"Nearly £400,000 was set aside by Sedgemoor District Council following the Caxton Road development to improve pedestrian and cycle access to this site.

"Now it seems like this money will be used a benefit for you, the developer. But what we are getting is pretty minimal for a development of this size, I think we deserve a better public open space than what you are proposing."

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Residents angry at the plan pictured near the site

Other residents expressed concerns over the ecological impact saying foxes, badgers, water voles, bats and otters all made use of the site.

One Highbridge resident, Charlie Tillam said: "All I hear is money, money, money - no one is listening to residents' concerns here."

As the meeting became increasingly heated, town councillor Andy Brewer stepped in to explain how the process worked and how people could register their objections once the planning application had been submitted.