CHILDREN in the last days of primary school could teach their parents a thing or two if a survey by tuition expert is anything to go by.

Only 19 per cent of mums and dads in Somerset and the rest of the South West managed to score full marks when six SATs questions were put to them.

See how you do with these six posers.

Q1: Which word in this sentence is an adjective? The coat I bought has deep pockets.

Options: a. coat; b. bought; c. deep.

Q2: What is 589 + 1,734?

Options: a. 2323; b. 2334; c. 2213.

Q3: Choose the relative clause in the following sentence. I sent an email to my friend who lives in Australia.

Options: a. sent an email; b. to my friend; c. who lives in Australia.

Q4: Emma baked some cakes but didn’t have enough icing for them all. For every four cakes Emma baked, only three were iced. Altogether, 18 cakes were iced. How many cakes did Emma bake?

Options: a. 22; b. 24; c. 28.

Q5: Which number is 10 times greater than 304?

Options: a. 3040; b. 3400; c. 3,004.

Q6: Which verb completes the sentence so that it uses the subjunctive form? If I ----- the teacher, I would let the class leave early.

Options: a. am; b. was; c. were.

The answers are below.

Lia Haskett, curriculum development manager at Explore Learning, said: "SATs questions are confusing for parents as the curriculum has changed so much since they were at school.

"Not only that, but two years ago a whole new style of papers were introduced for English and maths to reflect the latest National Curriculum.

"There is also a completely new SATs marking scheme and grading system which has replaced the previous National Curriculum levels."

Answers: Q1 - c; Q2 - a; Q3 - c; Q4 - b; Q5 - a; Q6 -c.