CONTROVERSIAL artwork painted on a hoarding at the Tucker's Garage Site in Burnham-on-Sea is set to be covered with a council banner, it has been revealed.

Residents and business owners engaged in a heated debate on social media about the artwork on Victoria Street after it was painted during BOSfest.

Tatiana Cant, town clerk for Burnham and Highbridge Town Council, said the town council has received a number of complaints from residents and businesses about the artwork who say it is out of keeping with the rest of the art in the town.

"Arrangements have now been made for the ‘Welcome to Burnham-on-Sea’ banner to be reinstated at this location," Ms Cant said.

"This is a temporary solution pending discussion with all the relevant parties on the best way forward for this site.

"The restoration of the banner had been agreed with BOSfest management prior to the event.”

Some residents said they think the artwork 'brightens up' the town while others argue it is 'offensive vandalism' and .

Alex Turco, operations director at Positive Wealth Creation, which is based on Victoria Street, said he feels 'ashamed' his business is located next to the artwork.

"I’m sure the BOSfest organisers have worked very hard for what by all accounts has been a pleasant weekend and I’m sure many have enjoyed it.

"The thing is though the music, performances, drama etc are now all just memories the art is more permanent and with any art it does not matter how talented the artist might be, opinions of it are entirely subjective.

"The Tucker’s hoarding is not to my taste.

"The fact is that the art is diametrically opposed to the brand values and what we are trying to achieve in our very nearby business.

"Neighbours have to endure art on a regular basis, not just when passing. There was no consultation last time or this about the nature of the art.

"Despite the countless thousands we have spent maintaining a property in Victoria Street for many years, which is smartly presented so that it is welcoming and attractive to our customers, which attracts business locally and from across the county and further afield, I am ashamed today (September 5) to be located by that hoarding."

Stuart Thornton, a Berrow resident, echoed Mr Turco's comments.

"I'm not against some of the artworks around town as it does help to brighten up the town but I think the artwork doesn’t complement the existing work already done," Mr Thornton said.

"I don’t understand why a nice ‘Welcome to Burnham-on-Sea' mural wasn’t done with beach scenes.

"I believe this would of helped to enhance the area, and be more pleasing to the eye for everyone."

But Tanya Dyer, chairman of BOSfest, has defended the artwork and said she thinks it is a good addition to the town's art scene.

"Freedom to express ourselves that's what we've fought for numerous times, but sadly censorship begins on our own doorstep," Tanya said.

"How can we expect tolerance when it's not something we practice within our own communities?"

"I am deeply disappointed in some people's negative reaction to the artwork but I also believe there are just and many people who don't feel that way and think it is a positive addition to our town.

"It's a real shame how this has overshadowed what was a fabulous well attended generally well received event."

Sophie Nicholson from Burnham Spray Jam, echoed Tanya's comments and said it is a 'shame' the artists' work will be covered.

"With all these negative comments it really makes me wonder why we work so hard to put on an amazing event for free for our local community to enjoy.

"You always get a couple that have to complain. Oh well, I am looking forward to helping to organise the spray artists for next year for majority of people to enjoy."