A GROUP of five tawny owls have survived against the odds and are set to take to the skies again.

Animal carers at Secret World Wildlife Rescue admitted two poorly and vulnerable tawny owls last month after they were both found to be unable to fly.

The birds, which were admitted separately, have now been placed with three other owls in preparation for their release.

The first owl, named Tiny Tawny Tim by charity staff, arrived after being found grounded in Sampford Arundel in Somerset.

It was soon joined by another tawny owl named Tiny Tawny Tom after it was found with torn claws in Yate, South Gloucestershire.

Both owls were put under the care of Marlies Hebdon, senior receptionist and trained orphan rearer at the East Huntspill wildlife charity.

Once the two birds were able to eat for themselves, Secret World specialists introduced them to three other tawny owls in a pre-release enclosure to continue their recovery.

Marlies said the owls have recovered well and have been placed in a soft release pen in Gloucester until they are ready to be released.

“We’re accustomed to rescuing and rehabilitating owls at Secret World," Marlies said.

"Since January, we’ve admitted 32 tawny owls. Each orphaned owl we rescue and rear costs us £500.

“It’s a nice feeling to know that I’ve helped these birds in their journey back to the wild. Watching animals that I’ve hand-reared regaining their strength and eventually flying free makes all the hard work worthwhile.

“This case is a huge achievement for our animal care team and volunteers. Animal care does not come cheap so these owls wouldn’t have survived without the donations from our supporters.”

In the event of an animal emergency please call Secret World on 01278 783256.