CALLS to improve Highbridge Railway Station for commuters and disabled riders have been voiced.

Burnham and Highbridge Town Council’s town project committee met on Monday night (September 24) to push forward plans for improvements.

Cllr Phil Harvey voiced his frustration over the lack of ‘integration’ for bus and train journeys.

He said: “We need to talk to First Great Western.

“Having an integrated transport system shouldn’t be too far from their minds.

“The station has 250,000 visitors a year, having no bus service is ridiculous.”

Cllr Harvey discussed how in other areas the same ticket can be used for bus and train journeys, he said there’s ‘no reason’ why a similar scheme couldn’t be used here.”

Cllr Janet Keen joined the frustration over the station. She said work needed to be done to improve disabled access.

She questioned whether legal advice could be sought to change the S.106 agreement surrounding money from Asda. She suggested discussing with lawyers to change the agreement to put money towards station improvements.

She said: “I agree with Cllr Harvey. I’ve been at the station at 6am, it’s very busy with commuters.

“We need access for disabled users on both sides.

“If we don’t ask we will never get it.

“It’s for a community benefit.”

Chairman of the committee Michael Clare agreed with the concerns raised by the councillors. He added he’d like to see the return of the ticket machine at the ‘busy’ station.

The committee agreed to set up a working party in order to take plans further, involving three councillors, the town clerk and the chairman of Highbridge Chamber of Trade.