A MAN was taken to hospital after he collapsed on Brean Beach.

Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard was called to the beach at 3.08pm on Wednesday (October 3) to assist with a medivac.

A couple had been walking their dogs along the beach when the man started to feel unwell.

The pair had been talking to a lady who was staying locally and while they chatted he was resting by some sand dunes.

The man started to feel worse as he made his way back to the car and had to lie down on the sand.

Concerned for his welfare, his wife contacted the beach warden who called an ambulance and alerted the Coastguard.

A spokesman for Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard, said: "When we arrived the helpful lady was caring for the dogs and explained the situation while the wife tended her poorly husband.

"The ambulance crew quickly assessed the man and it became clear a trip to the hospital was in order.

"So he was packaged up onto the stretcher and into the ambulance so he was out of the wind that was starting to become a bit fresh.

"Once they had finished their assessments we escorted the ambulance off the beach."

A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service said the man was taken to Weston General Hospital for treatment. 

The Coastguard spokesman added: "Hopefully, a speedy recovery is on the cards and we wish them all the best.

"A special thanks to the lady who they were talking to as she raised the alarm with the beach warden who then requested all the right assets to the location."

If you see anyone in difficulty or danger along the coast call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.