SECRET World Wildlife Rescue patron Chris Packham is challenging nature lovers to raise money for British wildlife on World Animal Day.

The challenge has been laid down as the East Huntspill wildlife charity prepares for a cold winter which will leave many wild animals vulnerable to the elements.

The charity, which rescues more than 5,000 animals each year, needs enough supplies and resources to see it through the busy winter months.

Chris said: “Secret World is caring for British wildlife in an amazing way. They are wonderful people, doing incredible things.”

The challenge from the television presenter comes after one of the charity’s long-standing supporters Robin Seymour completed a 1,600-mile motorcycle ride in 51 hours across the UK in aid of Secret World.

Robin visited 26 Harley Davidson Dealerships around England, Wales and Scotland on his two wheeled journey which took him from Surrey to Scotland before heading back down to Secret World’s centre in East Huntspill.

Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, said: “Britain is a nation of animal-lovers.

"At Secret World, we want to make sure British wildlife continues to thrive. Imagine a world with no animals and the sort of place that would be.

“We’re asking people: what can they do to help animals and wildlife thrive on World Animal Day? The smallest amount of money raised can make such a difference.”

”Three pounds will feed a poorly bird for a week, £12 will feed an otter cub for a day and £20 will pay for an injured deer to be placed on a drip.”

As part of its fundraising to mark World Animal Day, Secret World Wildlife Rescue has also thrown down the gauntlet for schools in the Somerset area.

The charity will make a visit with its birds of prey to every school which can raise £100 or more on World Animal Day.

To donate to Secret World visit