A BURNHAM-on-Sea theatre has switched to re-usable plastic cups in a bid to reduce its impact on the environment.

The Princess Theatre and Arts Centre is one of the businesses in the town working towards achieving the status of a Plastic Free Community and has been looking at ways to reduce use of single use plastic whilst still providing the same level of service.

The theatre said the new re-usable pint and half pint cups, which were provided by Green Goblets in Highbridge, will significantly reduce waste single-use plastics and provide a sustainable and cost effective alternative to glass.

Sam Nicol, theatre manager at The Princess Theatre, said: “Every step we take to reduce waste is a step in the right direction.

"I love these cups and I’m so pleased that the Princess is helping to raise awareness of this important issue in our towns.”

The theatre on Princess Street has been making changes over the last few months in a bid to reduce its waste.

It has switched to using paper straws and recycled card takeaway coffee cups in its arts lounge and said its is 'actively looking' at ways to use even more sustainable products.

A spokesman for The Princess Theatre, said: "The retractable seating in the auditorium means that glass cannot be used as any breakages falling into the mechanism could cause significant damage.

"Up until now, during events and shows, cold drinks have been served in single use plastic glasses, which whilst recyclable, have meant up to 200 being used and thrown away at each event."

The new cups will be launched at the screening of the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on October 13th.

Customers will be charged a £1 deposit for the cup with their first drink and when they buy their next drink they will bring their cup to the bar so it can be exchanged for a clean one.

They can then either return the cup for their deposit, take it home as a souvenir of use it again at a later date.