A RARE breed of bird which usually spends most of its life out at sea caused quite a stir at Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

A Manx Shearwater was found by a couple in their garden in Evercreech who realised it needed help and immediately called the East Huntspill wildlife centre.

The birds usually only come in to land during the night to feed their young which are reared in burrows in cliff faces.

The day after the team at Secret World collected this bird, another Manx Shearwater walked into a house in Taunton.

Both birds were assessed and treated at Secret World before being taken to the RSPCA at West Hatch where they have special facilities for seabirds.

Dan Bryant, animal carer at Secret World, said: “For these birds to be found inland is extremely unusual, especially as the breeding season is over.

"Usually storms will force them to land but there don’t appear to have been any storms.

“As they rarely see humans, they don’t have a fear of them. Many of these birds, which pair for life, will migrate to South Africa for the winter, travelling a journey of over 10,000 km.

"The oldest known Manx Shearwater is 56 years old which is a record for sea birds.

“It was amazing to see them but right that we should pass them on to West Hatch who have experience of caring for these incredible birds.”