A BERROW artist who has painted more than 100 pieces of artwork featuring sheep is getting ready for an upcoming exhibition.

Malcolm Dormer, who is well known for his quirky works which feature animals, will have his work on show for a month at The Princess Theatre and Arts Centre from November 13.

The Wiltshire born artist will be on hand to meet fans at the exhibition and said he is excited to showcase his new creations.

"I am really looking forward to this year's exhibition," Malcolm said.

"I have made 13 new pieces which are all very different and I created them by taking inspiration from pieces I have done before.

"Since I started painting I have probably made more than 120 works which feature sheep, in fact a lot of my work has animals in it.

"I have always been interested by sheep so I put them in my works often, it makes each painting I do unique which I like."

Despite poor health, the popular artist said he has been busy over the last year and he has worked on a number of projects in Burnham-on-Sea and Berrow.

He said he hopes to display some of his tennis themed work at a show in Wimbledon and has high hopes for the future.

"Last year I worked on a bus shelter and various sheds in and around Burnham and Berrow which I enjoyed, it was nice to brighten them up," Malcolm said.

"Unfortunately my health hasn't been very good over the last few years so I have just been focusing on doing shows in Burnham but I am hoping to branch out soon.

"I have some work that I would like to show elsewhere and it would be nice to get it on display.

"I have recently started doing some pottery which has been quite interesting but I don't think I will be showing any of my work on that anytime soon.

"I am really looking forward to showing my work at the Princess, it will be nice to see some new and old faces at my exhibition."

For more information about the exhibition visit princesstheatreandartscentre.co.uk.