A BURNHAM-on-Sea grandmother who has been known to transform her home for Halloween and welcome witches, ghosts and ghouls for the last 25 years did not disappoint with her latest display.

Morag Croker decorated her Winchester Road home with glowing pumpkins, skeletons, cobwebs and gravestones on October 31 and handed out 400 homemade Halloween goodie bags to young trick or treaters in the town.

The grandmother began decorating her front garden and the hallway of her home for her two children and their friends 25 years ago and has continued to decorate it ever since.

Leanne Marie Watts, Morag's daughter, said the display is a hit with children and the whole family pitches in to help put together goody bags for trick or treaters.

"My mum has been decorating the garden, outside of house and hallway for 25 years," Leanne said.

"She began when myself and my brother were little for our little friends in the street to provide somewhere safe for them to trick or treat with their parents.

"Fast forward 25 years and now they've all grown up and mum sees them at the door on Halloween with their little ones. It's so lovely.

"My Mum, her husband Mike and I help put 400 goody bags together for each child that visits a couple of days before Halloween which usually has a couple of sweeties in and a little Halloween themed toy.

"This year she made 400 and still ran out."

Leanne said a number of homeowners on Winchester Road and Gloucester Road have joined in on the fun and decorate their houses every year - much to the delight of local children.

"What started off with just mum has turned into something quite special and many homes around the area now put out a pumpkin so children know that they are happy for children to knock at their door," Leanne said.

"There is such a great community feel about it and I think my mum is very proud.

"I think it's an amazing thing for her to do for the community to provide children and their families with a safe place to trick or treat each year and I love that it has certainly inspired others within the area to join in.

"Mum keeps saying every year that it's her last year doing it but the decorations and bits still appear down from the attic every October.

"My mums husband, Mike Croker, helps to decorate the garden and I help do the garden too but mum is most definitely in charge and it's her baby so she does the inside.

"As a family we all go to her house on the evening of Halloween to help and my son, Freddie, and my nephew Finley now join in with the family tradition with them both helping Nanny at the door on Halloween."