THOUSANDS of people lined the streets of Burnham-on-Sea and watched in awe as the town was illuminated for the 72nd Highbridge and Burnham Carnival. 
Newcomers and carnival veterans alike wrapped up warm and took their places on the town's streets as more than 60 carnival clubs put their best foot forward and showed off their carts as they battled it out for the top spot. 
The club’s months of hard work paid off as the procession was filled with impressive carts, colourful costumes and brilliant sound and lighting which were welcomed by cheers by thousands of spectators. 
Fresh off their victory at Bridgwater Carnival, Marketeers CC secured the top spot with their Oliver Twist inspired cart titled Consider Yourself Dickensian, which featured colourful costumes, huge illuminated street lanterns, moving balconies and impressive dance routines. 
Burnham's Hillview CC secured second place in the juvenile feature category with their spooky cart, The Spook Returns, won the best local entry and were selected as the chairman's choice locally. 
Gremlins CC and Renegades CC were pleased to wow crowds at the carnival after both struggling with issues with their carts at Bridgwater Carnival. 
Phil New, chairman of Highbridge and Burnham Carnival, said despite a delay at the start the carnival was a big success. 
"We are very pleased with how this year's carnival went," Phil said. 
"We were a little bit delayed at the start because Gremlins CC were still having some issues with their generator after it packed up at Bridgwater Carnival but once the procession started it went off without a hitch. 
"Renegades CC and Gremlins CC got to show their carts at Highbridge and Burnham Carnival this year which was great as they had issues in Bridgwater but sadly Toppers CC took the decision to not show their cart as they were having some problems. 
"The standard of entries this year was really high, all of the clubs really pulled out the stops with their entries and put on a great show for the public. 
"We had 150 carnival marshals at the event and they did a fantastic job of making sure the procession went smoothly. 
"We have had really positive feedback from people about this year's carnival which makes all of the hard work worth it for us. 
"I would like to say a big thank you to all of the carnival marshals for their hard work, to the clubs for putting on a great show and to our sponsors for making this an event to remember. 
"I would also like to thank everyone who donated money towards next year's carnival. Putting on this carnival each year takes a lot of hard work and we couldn't do it without your funding."
The annual event attracted visitors from across the country with people coming from as far as Scotland to see the show.
First time carnival-goers Marie Parish and Carol Hill came down from Warwickshire for the event. 
Speaking ahead of the carnival, Marie, said: "When I was 18 I was part of a club back where I used to live in Kent and we used to put on carnivals every year. 
"I am really looking forward to this year's carnival. I think it is wonderful and it really brings people together. 
"Our friends came to this carnival last year and gave us such rave reviews that we knew we had to be here.
"I have no idea what to expect but I hope it will be a fantastic event."
Speaking ahead of the carnival, Carol said: "I think it is amazing that all the carnival clubs do all of their own fundraising to make this happen. 
"This is my first carnival and I am really excited. I have heard it is a fantastic event so I am really looking forward to it."
Full Burnham and Highbridge Carnival results:
Class 1 – Tableaux Mounted Open
1 Wills CC – Gettysburg
2 Huckyduck
3 King William
4 Gemini
5 Oasis
6 Centurion
7 Pentathlon CC
Class 3 – Feature Mounted (Open):
1 Marketeers CC Consider Yourself Dickensian
2 Gremlins CC – PT Barnum
2 Masqueraders
4 Ramblers CC
5 Harlequins
6 Vagabonds CC
7 Renegades CC
8 Westonzoyland CC
9 Wick CC
10 Lime Kilm CC
Class 5 – Comic Feature
1 Newmarket CC – Where’s Wee Willy
2 Nunsford Nutters
3 Luckington CC
4 Mardens CC
5 Just Georges
6 Storm CC
Class 6 – Juvenile Feature:
1 Marina Sydenham JCC – Graffiti Villians
2 Hillview JCC – The Spook Returns
Class 7 – Groups of Masqueraders (adult or mixed):
1 Xtreme CC – Twisted Circus
2 Wilfs CC
3 Bridgwater Belles
4 Make You Laugh
Class 8 – Groups of Masqueraders (Juvenile):
1 Rhythm Fever – Way Out West
2 Crusaders Cubs
Class 9 – Groups of Masqueraders 
1 ABC Hen Party
2 Smandys
3 Just Peachy
Class 10 – Pairs
1 A&A CC
2 Dee Gees
3 Matman Studios
4 Happy CC
Class 11 – Single Masquerader (Adult)
1 Simon Jackson Academy Intergalactic Circus Of Wonder
2 Dave Amey
3 Spirit CC
4 Andy Tizzard
5 Adam Cox
6 Fantasy CC
Class 12 – Single Masquerader (Juvenile)
1 Samvantra Juniors – The Queen
2 Ethan Pickersgill
3 Lottie Wheeler
4 Izzy Wheeler
5 Kai Newberry
Class 13 – Best Towing Vehicle:
1 Masqueraders – Sgt Dee Waterloo
2 Marketeers CC
3 Huckyduck CC
4 Gremlins CC
Class 14 – Best Dressed Tractor Driver (open)
1 Marketeers – Consider Yourself Dickensian
2 Gremlins CC
3 Ramblers CC
4 Hillview
Class 15 – Disabled
1 Mike Daniells – PC Mike
Class 17 – Anything Goes
1 Dance Fit Academy
Class 18 – Best Decorated Generator
1 Gremlins CC – Highway To Hell
2 Ramblers CC
3 Masqeraders CC
4 Marketeers
Class 19 – Best Entry in Procession
Marketeers CC – Consider Yourself Dickensian
Class 20 – Best Local Entry:
1 Hillview – The Spook Returns
Class 21 – Most outstanding costumes (mounted)
1 Huckyduck CC – One For The Record
Class 22 – Most outstanding costume (non mounted)
1 Samvantra Juniors – The Queen
Class 23 – Best Feature Entry
1 Marketeers CC – Consider Yourself Dickensian
Class 24 – Best Tableaux Entry
1 Wills CC – Gettysburg 
Class 25 – Chairman’s Choice (open)
1 Marketeers CC – Consider Yourself Dickensian
Class 26 – Chairman’s Choice (local)
1 Hillview – The Spook Returns 
Class 27 – Technical Achievement
1 Gremlins CC – Highway to Hell