A KINETIC energy company based in Burnham has finally been granted permission to set up shop and is ready to help turn the town into an eco-friendly place.

Coemi UK Ltd produce wind turbines, and say a £300 unit would generate enough power to provide free lighting for a small home, thus having a positive impact on the environment.

Paul Young, managing director, said: "Wind turbines don't have to be expensive. We have already installed several turbines and are getting daily enquiries from both business and domestic users for units up to 20kw.

"Our customers realise that using the free power that the wind offers is going to make them substantial savings, and its good for the environment.

"Unlike the giant turbines which can dominate our skyline, our units are about the height of a tree. They are also quiet in operation as they have direct drive props without gearboxes."

The company also sells LED lighting and special photovoltaic panels, which according to Paul, means even though not everyone can put up a wind turbine, "we can all make savings on energy even if we just change our light bulbs", he said.