THE organisers of a new beach cleaning project said they hope people will become more aware of their environment as they have the chance to transform litter into artwork in Brean.

Somerset Wildlife Trust received funding from the Hinkley C Community Impact Mitigation Fund (CIM) in March to set up Somerset's Brilliant Coast.

Staff from the trust will work with communities along the Somerset Coast from Brean to Minehead for the next three years and will be hosting events in a bid to make people more aware of the challenges the environment faces from human development, pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change.

The trust has run a number of beach cleans since the project kicked off in August but for the first time they will be giving people the chance to turn the rubbish they find during a beach into artwork at their event in Brean next month.

Mark Ward, manager of Somerset's Brilliant Coasts, said: "Plastic pollution has been in the news a lot recently and there are already several keen beach cleaning groups in the Burnham, Berrow and Brean area who are doing great work keeping the beach litter free.

"This event is looking at ways to further get people, especially families and young children, engaged with this issue by using the litter collected to get creative and produce some art work from the waste, hopefully encouraging important conversations about recycling and re-using along the way.

"There is a strong connection between nature and art – with the stunning landscape and wildlife of Somerset’s coast being the source of inspiration for a range of talented photographers and artists.

"This event opens up the ability to connect on this level to a wider audience, as well increasing engagement and understanding about the issues of litter and marine pollution in an accessible way.

"Producing artwork from the litter means families and kids can get creative and hopefully encourage important conversations about recycling and re-using along the way."

During the three year project the trust will be running a number of events such as walks, talks and workshops and will be working with partners including the National Trust, the Somerset Litter Free Coast project and Berrow Conservation Volunteers to educate people.

It will also be supporting more long term initiatives working with parish councils and communities groups and leading educational programmes with local schools and youth groups under the Wild Beach scheme.

Mark added: "We hope that people will find this an interesting and accessible way to connect to the idea of marine pollution whilst also getting to make something beautiful and creative."

The event is on December 1 from 2pm to 4pm and is free to attend.

Visitors are asked to meet in the upstairs room of The National Trust’s Cove Café on Brean Down Road for a briefing at 2pm.

To book your place email