RESIDENTS in a Highbridge street have hit out at plans to put double yellow lines along their road as they fear it will lead to more parking problems.

Somerset County Council is seeking permission to extend double yellow lines along a section of Worston Road in a bid to stop people from parking in some areas.

But residents say they are against the plans and that if the lines are extended, they will no longer have anywhere to park.

Worston Road resident Justin Christiaans says residents were not informed a consultation on the plans was taking place and that many are forced to park on the road as not enough parking spaces were provided when their houses were built by Barratt Homes in 2007.

He said: “In 2007 the council approved planning permission for houses to be built by Barratt Homes with either one or two allocated parking spaces.

“Several of the households I have spoken to have three or four cars as they have grown up kids or a work vehicle and there simply isn’t enough parking provision, full stop.

“People park on the road because they have to, not out of choice, which the council does not understand.

“Putting down double yellow lines will simply move the problem, not solve it.

"The only way to solve the issue is to create more parking not further restrict it."

He said he was angry residents were not notified of the plans.

“The manner in which the council have not notified the residents of the proposal is despicable," he added. “They put it on the council website and in the local paper along with one small notice which none of us saw. None of us were sent letters to notify us about these plans.”

Mr Christiaans said a number of residents have lodged objections against the plans as part of the consultation.

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “We are currently consulting on potential changes to parking on Worston Road in response to concerns being raised about safety.

“This is still in the consultation phase so we encourage the public to take part and let us know their views.

"All responses received will be carefully considered before any decisions are made or changes implemented.”

To view the plans visit and search for Sedgemoor Amendment No 13.