BIRDS of prey at an East Huntspill wildlife centre need a new home after its aviaries were badly damaged by strong winds over the Christmas period.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue was forced to move its resident birds to its pre-release pens temporarily after roofs on the centre's four aviaries were blown off.

The wildlife charity has renewed its appeal for help to rebuild the aviaries as may of its birds have been having less human contact than normal.

Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World, said: “The aviaries are very old. Initially, we were just relieved that we didn’t lose any of the birds.

“However, we weren’t quite prepared for the toll it has taken on the birds.

"The pre-release pens are used when we are weaning recovering animals from human contact before they are released back into the wild.

“They are designed to stop the animals inside from seeing humans, which is a stark contrast to where the birds were before.

"Unfortunately, until we are able to make the necessary repairs, we have no choice but to put them in there.”

Secret World said many of the birds in its care are calling for each other at night including the charity’s resident European eagle owl, Mumbles.

In order to calm the birds down, the centre's bird handlers have been making regular visits to the pre-release pens to ensure they get the chance to stretch their wings.

Pauline added: “Mumbles is really missing his friends. Owls are sensitive animals and he doesn’t understand where all of his friends have gone. It’s the same for some of our other owls and kestrels.

“It has been a very tough year financially and we just aren’t in the position to be able to build anything at the moment.

"If anyone can help us by donating materials or money, we would be so grateful.

“Once they are fully operational again, we can put our birds back in their rightful home.”

If you can help in any way call Pauline Kidner on 01278 783250 or email