A HEDGEHOG which was far too small to hibernate was rescued by Secret World Wildlife Rescue, 

Little Uno was seen in a garden only a week ago eating the cat food left out in the garden.

But the owner of the house realised that the hedgehog was far too small to be out in the cold and rang Secret World for help. 

One of their response drivers went out to collect the hedgehog and she was soon in a nice warm incubator with plenty to eat.

Weighing only 222 grams, Uno was only a third of the weight that she needed to be to hibernate.

She is on a course of wormer treatment and is being looked after at the centre until the winter is over.

Animal carer Dan Bryant, said: “She was very lucky to have survived as her natural food of slugs and snails is not available during the winter.

"With the mild spells, we have been able to release some of the hedgehogs that we have had in, once they got up to the right weight.

"Hedgehogs do wake up and move around during the winters so we can put them back to where they have come from so at least it means we haven’t got up to 200 this year!”

For details call 01278 783250 or email info@secretworld.org