A BURNHAM-on-Sea motorist who attacked an elderly man in front of his grandson during a road rage incident has been jailed.

Adam Fraser, 39, of Winchester Road, punched Neil Wilkes in the head at least three times, Taunton Magistrates' Court heard.

The victim, who was "half in and half out of his car" at the time, suffered reddening to his forehead and cuts to his nose.

The court heard that Fraser, who was found guilty at an earlier trial, got out of his car after deliberately cutting up Mr Wilkes at a roundabout.

Fraser confronted the victim, whose five-year-old grandson was in the latter's car, and "punched him to the head at least three times" during last April's incident.

Joanne Pearce, prosecuting, said the youngster is now "frightened" when he sees a vehicle similar to Fraser's.

She added that Mr Wilkes says the attack has "knocked him for six" and makes him nervous. Although his injuries healed quickly without treatment, Mr Wilkes is suffering psychological problems.

Will Rose, defending, said Fraser reacted to a manoeuvre by Mr Wilkes because he was grieving for his father, who had died the previous week and had "mixed up emotions".

"He looks back now with deep regret," added Mr Rose.

District judge David Taylor jailed Fraser for 14 weeks and ordered him to pay Mr Wilkes £300 compensation, along with a £115 victim surcharge.

The judge said: "Whatever happened to cause you and the other driver to be in conflict, you deliberately cut him up at the roundabout.

"You completely lost control and assaulted somebody entirely unnecessarily."