PREPARING for GCSE exams is a stressful time for students and parents across the country.

But a Burnham-on-Sea entrepreneur is hoping to make the process easier by developing a study tool which can be used by students and parents. 

Nathan McGurl has spent the last few years developing the The Study Buddy, a study tool which breaks down periods of study into manageable chunks but allows children to plan ahead and keep a good balance between socialising and studying.

Nathan started the creating the tool after he spent months trying to help his son, Jake, study for his GCSE exams.

He said: "This tool was born out of the experience I had with my son a few years ago when he was studying for his GCSE exams.

"Like many parents we used all the tricks in the book to try and get him to do the work but we knew we needed to have something that was more constructive.

"So we started chatting to him about what to do next.

"I thought if I break down the things he needs to study into bitesize chunks and make him in control of when he sits down to study by getting him to schedule his time it will mean he is in control.

"It worked really well for Jake so I shared with some other people and they said it worked for them.

"We are busy people with busy lives and finding time between work and life to help with revision is difficult for parents.

"I thought there may be something in this so I decided to take my idea to a local school and I was so pleased when they said they were on board.

"I made some improvements and then The Study Buddy was born."

Nathan said the tool, which launched earlier this year, has been a big success with more than 20 people signing up to use it in the last few months.

He said he feels positive about The Study Buddy's future and hopes it will continue to be of benefit to children across the country.

"Since I launched The Study Buddy the response I have had an overwhelmingly positive response from people," Nathan said.

"I have not spoken to one person who has not been positive about The Study Buddy which is fantastic.

"By breaking down studying into bitesize chunks and planning a week at a time students can do what needs to be done and eventually succeed.

"It will be exciting to see where The Study Buddy will be used in the future."