AN orphaned fox cub was rescued by a wildlife charity after it was found when bales were being removed at a workplace in Lympsham.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue were called to the workplace in Lympsham after a person found it at behind some hay bales and became concerned for its welfare.

Volunteers collected the one week old fox cub and took it back to the charity’s rescue centre in East Huntspill.

The cub was provided with first aid and rehydrated and was found to have no injuries.

Kate Gibbs, animal carer at Secret World, said “It’s a lovely chubby, healthy boy about a week old with his eyes still closed.

“He is in excellent condition considering what he has been through and is currently responding well to care at the centre.

“It is always a problem with fox cubs as people don’t realise that fox cubs are a dark chocolate brown when first born.” The cub will stay at the centre to be reared by one of the orphan rearers and rehabilitated for release.