'THERE was rubbish and mess all over the floor and tables, there is no excuse for it.'

These are the words of Wetherspoons customer, Tracy Giovanni, who claims she went to see her friend at The Reeds Arms in Burnham-on-Sea on February 19 and was 'shocked' when she discovered rubbish scattered all over the floor.

She said: "There were about 30 people in the pub when I got in there for the quiz so it was not really that busy.

"While I was on my way to the bar I saw that there was rubbish scattered all over the floor near the coffee machines.

"Being a pub manager myself I could not believe it. There is no excuse for it, it should not have been left there.

"I went to the bar to order a drink and there was no one at the bar, three staff were there gossiping and not serving customers."

Following the incident Tracy posted about her experience on Facebook and called Wetherspoons to complain but claims she did not receive a response from the pub giant until March 11.

She said she thinks the pub 'needs some help' and urged bosses at Wetherspoons to take action to support the pub's staff.

"I have more than 20 years experience of working in pubs and I understand it can get busy but I think this pub needs some help," Tracy said.

"I think they need to get an experienced manager in there who will help teach the less experienced people how to keep the pub going.

"In my experience a pub is only as good as the manager and the staff they train.

"Around 200 people have commented since I posted about this on Facebook and we can't all be wrong.

"Burnham-on-Sea is going downhill and if they are not careful the pub will struggle to survive.

"If they carry on how they are they won't have it for long."

Residents in Burnham have criticised The Reeds Arms on social media in recent weeks with many describing the venue as 'dirty' and 'disgusting'

Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon, said: “We pride ourselves on the quality and cleanliness of our pubs.

“We will be investigating the concerns of the customer thoroughly.

“Our aim is to ensure that the pub is 100 per cent perfect at all times.”