A NAVIGATION buoy sparked a Coastguard call out after it was found washed up on Burnham-on-Sea beach.

Burnham Coastguard went to the beach at 1.21pm on Wednesday (March 13) following a call from a member of the public.

The crew contacted a local pilot and helped them take it to a safe location so it could be placed back in the sea to keep marine traffic safe.

A spokesman for the Coastguard, said: "As you may have seen by your fence disappearing or your neighbours shed appearing in your garden its been what we call "a little breezy"

"The back to back storms and fast high tides cause a very strong current that can cause all kinds of havoc under the water, this means things that are anchored in place are at risk of damage or breaking loose altogether.

"This is what happened to one of the navigation buoys out in the bay.

"Usually, it can be found sitting there minding its own business and keeping marine traffic from bumping into mud banks or Steart Island.

"It was found washed up on Burnham beach on one of the sand bars near the end of the sea wall.

"A member of the public had called and reported it in case it was anything harmful, so we were sent off to investigate further.

"It was a good call by the person as not everything that washes up is harmless.

"A look and see job that was done and dusted quickly, in fact the longest part of the job was attempting to wash the truck in the wind, most of the water disappeared off in a Southerly direction soaking everything except what we were aiming for.

"As always if you do find anything that needs investigating, don't attempt it yourself in case it is dangerous, call 999 and ask for the Coastguards."