'I WANT to reduce the stigma around talking about bowel problems.'

Those are the words of Dave Eldergill, an author from Burnham-on-Sea who has recently published a book titled, We Don't Talk Sh*t, to encourage people with bowel problems to seek medical help rather than risk 'dying from embarrassment.'

The 57-year-old was inspired to write the book after suffering from bowel problems and having bowel surgery in September 2018.

He said: "I have always found that people find it really difficult to talk about bowel issues as they feel that it is an awkward subject to discuss.

"People find it easier to ignore warning signs for bowl issues rather than go and seek medical help as they feel embarrassed about it.

"But if you actually wait to see a medical professional it is possible to die from embarrassment.

"I wrote this book to give people a frank and honest account of my journey and experiences of dealing with bowel problems.

"I like many others ignored the signs but eventually went to see a medical professional and found out I had to have an operation to remove a tumour from my bowel.

"The whole experience really inspired me to write this book as I wanted to make people see that is okay to talk about this."

Dave said the book, which was published three weeks ago, has been well received and he hopes the book will help to reduce the stigma around talking about bowel problems.

He said: "I have had lots of positive comments since the book was released which is great.

"When the book was published I sent it off to a number of charities and organisations that deal with bowel issues such as bowel cancer and bowel disease I had a positive response from them too which was brilliant.

"One of the charities actually got in touch with me and said they are doing some campaigns later this year and would like to speak to me about my experiences.

"I really hope that this book will help to reduce the stigma around talking about bowel problems and it will encourage more people to talk about their issues and seek help from medical professionals if they have any problems."

Dave's book, We Don't Talk Sh*t: Bowel Surgery and Beyond, is available on Amazon in paperback for £7.99.