A BABY bunny stolen from an adventure park faces death if it is not returned.

Animal Farm Adventure Park, Berrow, posted an appeal on social media after one of its rabbits was stolen on Sunday (April 14).

Staff at the park want to see the safe return of the animal, who needs to be with its mum as it's only three weeks old.

A spokesperson said: "One of our baby rabbits has been stolen.

"It is still on mother's milk and will not survive if it is not returned to us.

"Please look out for neighbours or friends posting about a new rabbit.

"This bunny desperately needs to be back with its mum."

Anyone with information is urged to get in contact with the park.

In desperation, staff have sent a public message asking the guilty party to drop off the animal in a box anonymously - no questions asked. 

They ask the guilty party to send an anonymous email to let them know the animal has been placed in a box outside the gate, so they can get it warmed and back with its mum as soon as possible. 

To get in contact with information, email animalfarmadventurepark@hotmail.com.