STUDENTS from a Highbridge school helped to launch a new student-led TV station in Jill Dando’s name to mark the 20th anniversary of her death.

Pupils from The King Alfred School, an Academy (TKASA) met with Nigel Dando and pupils from Worle Community School on Friday (April 26 )to launch the Jill Dando Television Centre at Worle Community School.

The students were representing TKASA and their Jill Dando News Centre, which is ‘flourishing’ with community stories from the Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge area

Jacob Kemp, 14, of TKASA, gave a speech to visitors on the day and paid tribute to Ms Dando, who died after being fatally shot outside her home in Fulham on April 28, 1999, aged just 37.

Jacob said: “Our young journalists and students are passionate about remembering Jill and the legacy that she has left behind for the journalists of the future to follow.”

The Priory Learning Trust, which TKASA is a part of, has seven Jill Dando News Centre’s, which are run by students who find and write news stories to showcase the school’s successes to the community.

Students at TKASA are trained by Jill’s brother, Nigel Dando,and other professional journalists and editors from local, regional and national media outlets.

Their stories then go into the media, on social media, and also in their own newspaper ‘The Post’ which they deliver to their old primary schools.

Izzy Simmons, 15, who is part of TKASA’s Jill Dando news team, said: “I love being part of the Jill Dando News Team because it is an amazing way to live Jill’s legacy through the members and also to remember her life and achievements.

“Jill Dando was an inspiration to many people by constantly doing amazing acts of kindness which helped and supported her local community.”

Nathan Jenkins, principal of TKASA, said he is proud of the students achievements.

He said: “The Jill Dando News Centre students have been fantastic around our school. Making videos is an excellent next step.

“We are already at work to get even more students involved in this exciting student-led news project.”

Priory Community School Academy, St Anne’s Church Academy, and Castle Batch Primary School Academy also have Jill Dando News Centre’s and a new one is being built at Pawlett Primary School.