TWO baby leverets who were being attacked by crows are recovering after being rescued by a wildlife charity.

The leverets, named Bluebell and Primrose, were rushed to Secret World Wildlife Rescue last week after a landowner discovered one leveret had been killed by a crow on his land and another two were being attacked.

Marie, an animal carer at Secret World quickly took the animals into her care and she is now looking after them and hoping that they will survive.

Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World, said: “We are asking people to keep dogs on leads at this time of year as there is so many vulnerable animals out there that are so often badly injured by dogs.

“Now is the time that roe deer will have their young and these will be left curled up in long grass while their mother forages.

“With more than 200 wildlife casualties, Secret World is very busy with so many orphans needing intensive care. Baby hoglets, rabbit kits and baby birds are all needing feeds – some as often as every half an hour. If you have any spare time, they would love to hear from you.”