THE BBC'S Panorama team will be looking into the state of social care in Somerset in a two-part documentary.

Somerset County Council has been taking part in the TV show, which is aiming to shine a light on the pressures facing care for the elderly.

The council's adult social care team is the subject of the two hour-long shows, which are scheduled to air on BBC One on Wednesday, May 29 and June 5.

They look at the national issue of pressure on social care services as the population ages, setting out the need for a national plan to sustainably fund care in the long-term.

The films are the result of ten months the BBC team spent following council staff and several case studies of people moving through the care system.

They also showcase Somerset’s social workers, family carers, care providers, health colleagues and voluntary and community organisations helping support thousands of people in the county.

The films show the difficult decisions that come with the growing demand for care from an ageing population at a time of limited funding. And they pose difficult questions about the costs of care, who pays them and the future role society plays in supporting vulnerable people.

“The stories told in these films are playing out up and down the country,” said Stephen Chandler, director of adult services. “We agreed to get involved in these films because we want to play our part in putting these issues on people’s agendas.

“More funding and more certainty of funding is important, but it won’t provide all the answers. These films also ask important questions of all of us about the future of care, what we want for our loved ones when they need care, and what role our communities should have in looking after people when they need support.

“There are no easy answers but doing nothing is not an option and these are issues and questions relevant to every community in this country.”