A WOMAN with a neurological condition has hit out at 'noisy' workers she claims have been working from as early as 6am to renovate a Wetherspoons pub beneath her home, leaving her unable to rest.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous has ME and claims workmen have been on site outside their agreed hours at The Reed's Arms, Burnham-on-Sea, which she says has impacted her health.

ME is a long-term neurological condition that causes symptoms including debilitating pain and fatigue that can affect body systems including the nervous and immune systems.

The pub on Pier Street closed its doors to the public on April 28 as workers started 40 days of renovating the venue. It is set to reopen on June 7.

The woman said: "Workers have been coming to the site as early as 6am to start work and sometimes have not left until 7pm.

"I have e-mailed the council a number of times to complain and they told me the workers can only be at the site from 7am to 6pm on weekdays but they have been coming around on weekends and they were even here on Bank Holiday Monday (May 27).

"When I asked the site manager why they were there on Bank Holiday Monday they said it is what they were told to do.

"I appreciate they have to do the works, but they don't need to get started so early in the morning and stay until late at night.

"I suffer from ME and am on strong medication which means I need to have a rest part of the way through the day.

"It is causing me so much stress. I just want them to stop being so noisy.

"I have been unable to rest and it has impacted my health a lot."

The woman claims she never received any warning from Wetherspoons that the works were going to be taking place and said she wants action to be taken to rectify the issue.

Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon said the pub chain always aims to work 'in tandem' with its neighbours and will reiterate the agreed working hours to the builders.

He added: “It is always our aim to work in tandem with our neighbours.

“It is important to note that there are no planning conditions restricting working hours on the site.

“We have instructed builders that they can go on site from 7am to 7pm with noisy works starting from 8am until 7pm and Saturday morning noisy works from 8am to 1pm and quiet works for the rest of the weekend.

“We will reiterate this to our builders. Separately there have been instances of antisocial behaviour from some of the residents in the flats towards the builders, which we condemn.”

A spokesman for Sedgemoor District Council said they would urge residents to contact the site manager if they have any questions about the works.

The spokesman said: "We would always encourage any complainant to contact the site manager in the first instance who can advise of any planned works or progress of the project and keep local residents informed.

"Our environmental health officers have also received a complaint.

"We have spoken with the team and they inform us that the vast majority of the ‘noisy’ work has been completed and they are now onto the decorating stage which should be much quieter."