THE Avon and Somerset Police Speed Enforcement Unit mobile speed cameras are scheduled to enforce at the following locations in Taunton Deane, West Somerset, Sedgemoor and South Somerset week commencing Monday, June 3.

Note that mobile enforcement may still take place at other locations within the Avon and Somerset Police area.


A361 Othery (30mph)

A361 Taunton Road, Pedwell (30mph)

A361, Greinton (30mph)

A370 Weston Road, East Brent (40mph)

A370, Lympsham (50mph)

A371 Cheddar Rd, Axbridge Bypass (40mph)

A371 Draycott Road, Cheddar (30mph)

A371 Upper New Road, Cheddar (30mph)

A371, Axbridge (60mph)

A372 Main Road, Westonzoyland (30mph)

A372 Westonzoyland Road, nr M5, Bridgwater (30mph)

A38 Dunball (50mph)

A38 Lower Weare (30mph)

A38 Rooksbridge (30mph)

A38 Taunton Road, Bridgwater (30mph)

A38 Taunton Road, North Petherton (40mph)

A38 Turnpike Road, Lower Weare (30mph)

A38 West Huntspill (30mph)

A38, Star (40mph)

A39 Ashcott (30mph)

A39 Bath Road, Bridgwater (30mph)

A39 Quantock Road (30mph)

B3139 Blackford Road, nr Wedmore First School, Wedmore (20mph)

B3139 Mark Causeway (30mph)

B3139 Mark Causeway (30mph)

B3139 Watchfield (30mph)

B3139 Watchfield (30mph)

B3139 Wells Road, Theale (30mph)

B3139, Blackford nr Blackford Moor Lane (30mph)

B3140 Berrow Road, Burnham-on-Sea (30mph)

B3141 Church Road, East Huntspill (30mph)

B3339 Wembdon Hill, Bridgwater (30mph)

B3339 Wembdon Rise, Bridgwater (30mph)

Burtle Road, Burtle (30mph)

Cuck Hill, Shipham (30mph)

Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater (30mph)

Durleigh Road, Bridgwater (30mph)

Enmore Road, Enmore (30mph)

Enmore Road, Lower Enmore (30mph)

Enmore, nr Enmore Primary School (20mph)

Frank Foley Parkway, Burnham on Sea (30mph)

High Street, Spaxton (20mph)

Homberg Way, NDR, Bridgwater (30mph)

Kings Drive, Bridgwater (30mph)

Love Lane, Burnham on Sea (30mph)

Lympsham Road, Lympsham (20mph)

Main Road, Cannington (30mph)

Marine Drive, Burnham On Sea (30mph)

Marine Drive, Burnham On Sea (30mph)

Mark Road, Burtle (30mph)

Middle Road, Cossington (30mph)

Notting Hill Way, Weare (30mph)

Rodway, Cannington (30mph)

Turnpike Road, Shipham (30mph)

TAUNTON DEANE: A3259 Halletts Road, Monkton Heathfield (30mph)

A3259, Monkton Heathfield (30mph)

A358 Henlade Nr M5 junction 25 (30mph)

A358 Henlade Nr M5 junction 25 (30mph)

A358 Staplegrove Road, Taunton (30mph)

A361 Durston (40mph)

A378 Wrantage (40mph)

A38 Bridgwater Road, Bathpool, Taunton (30mph)

A38 Langaller Way, Bathpool, Taunton (40mph)

A38 Toneway, Taunton (40mph)

A38 Wellington Road, Taunton (30mph)

A38, Adsborough (50mph)

A38, Thurloxton (50mph)

A39 Holford (30mph)

A39 St Audries (30mph)

B3170, Corfe (30mph)

B3170, nr jct Stoke Road, Taunton (30mph)

B3187, Milverton (20mph)

B3227 Hillcommon (30mph)

B3227 Waterrow (30mph)

B3227, Norton Fitzwarren (30mph)

Blackbrook Way, Taunton (30mph)

Blagdon Hill (30mph)

Blagdon Village (30mph)

College Way, Taunton (30mph)

Creech Heathfield (40mph)

Exeter Road, Rockwell Green, Wellington (30mph)

Exeter Road, Wellington (30mph)

Ford Street, Wellington (30mph)

Greenway Road, Taunton (30mph)

Hamilton Road, Taunton (30mph)

Haydon Lane, Taunton (30mph)

Heron Gate, Taunton (30mph)

High Street, Bishop's Lydeard (30mph)

Honiton Road, Staplehay (30mph)

Kingston Road, Taunton (30mph)

Kingston Road, Taunton (30mph)

Lipe Lane, Ruishton (30mph)

Lisieux Way, Taunton (30mph)

Nerrols Drive, Taunton (30mph)

Silver Street, West Buckland (30mph)

Staple Hill, Neroche (40mph)

Upper Holway Road, Taunton (30mph)

Windmill Hill Nr Borough Lane, North Curry (30mph)

Windmill Hill, North Curry (30mph)

SOUTH SOMERSET: A30 Crewkerne Road, Chard (30mph)

A30 East Chinnock (30mph)

A30 Henstridge (30mph)

A30 High Street, Chard (30mph)

A30 Mount Pleasant/Yeovil Road, Crewkerne (30mph)

A30 Reckleford, Yeovil (30mph)

A30 Roundham (40mph)

A30 Sherborne Road, Yeovil (30mph)

A30 West Coker Road, Yeovil (30mph)

A30, Milborne Port (30mph)

A303 1/3 mile west of Wincanton (70mph)

A303 2 1/4 miles east of Sparkford (70mph)

A303 2 1/4 miles east of Wincanton (70mph)

A303 2 miles west of Wincanton (70mph)

A303 2/3 mile east of Wincanton (70mph)

A303 3 miles east of Sparkford - eastbound (70mph)

A303 3 miles east of Sparkford - westbound (70mph)

A303 Ilminster Bypass (60mph)

A303 Ilminster Bypass, nr Boxstone Hill overpass (60mph)

A303 Ilminster Bypass, nr Moor Lane overbridge (60mph)

A303, 1 mile west of Southfields Roundabout (60mph)

A303, 400m west of Ilchester junction (70mph)

A303, Cartgate (70mph)

A303, Downhead (50mph)

A303, nr Chapel Cross overbridge (70mph)

A303, nr jct Durnfield (70mph)

A303/A358 Southfields Roundabout (60mph)

A3066, North Perrott (30mph)

A3088 Lysander Rd, Yeovil (30mph)

A356 Station Road, Crewkerne (30mph)

A356, Broadshard, Crewkerne (30mph)

A356, Misterton (20mph)

A357 Church Hill, Templecombe (20mph)

A357, Lattiford (30mph)

A357, Templecombe (30mph)

A358 Donyatt (30mph)

A358 Furnham Road, Chard (30mph)

A358 Hornsbury Mill (40mph)

A359 Camel Street, Marston Magna (30mph)

A359 Cole Road, Pitcombe (30mph)

A359 Frome Road, Bruton (30mph)

A359 High Street, Sparkford (30mph)

A359 Mudford Road, Yeovil (30mph)

A359, Galhampton (40mph)

A359, Mudford (30mph)

A359, Queen Camel (30mph)

A37 Ilchester Road, nr Yeovil College, Yeovil (30mph)

A371 Ansford Hill, Ansford (30mph)

A371 Cumnock Road, Castle Cary (30mph)

A372 Aller (30mph)

A372 Crane Hill, Catsgore (40mph)

A372 Langport Road, Long Sutton (30mph)

A372 Newtown Road (30mph)

A378, Curry Rivel (30mph)

A378, nr jct Green Lane, Fivehead (30mph)

B3081 Dropping Lane, Bruton (30mph)

B3081, Charlton Musgrove (30mph)

B3145 Charlton Hill, North Cheriton (30mph)

B3145, nr village square, Charlton Horethorne (30mph)

B3151 Ilchester (30mph)

B3151, Compton Dundon (30mph)

B3151, Yeovilton (30mph)

B3152 South Street, Castle Cary (30mph)

B3153 Behind Berry, Somerton (30mph)

B3153 Keinton Mandeville (30mph)

B3153 Langport Road, Somerton (30mph)

B3153, Alford (30mph)

B3153, Clanville, Castle Cary (30mph)

B3153, Huish Episcopi (30mph)

B3153, Lovington (30mph)

B3165 Stapleton Road, Martock (30mph)

B3165, Long Sutton (20mph)

B3167 Perry Street, nr Factory Ln, South Chard (30mph)

B3167 Perry Street, nr jct Waterlake Rd, South Chard (30mph)

B3168 Wiltown, Curry Rivel (30mph)

B3168, Westport (40mph)

Bayford Hill, Wincanton (30mph)

Bayford Hill, Wincanton (30mph)

Bluebell Road, Yeovil (30mph)

Broadway Road, Broadway (30mph)

C5021, nr Gummer's Castle, east of Seavington St Michael (40mph)

Cad Road, Ilton (40mph)

Canal Way, Ilminster (30mph)

Clapton Village (30mph)

Combe Hill, nr jct Under Way, Combe St Nicholas (30mph)

Common Road, Wincanton (30mph)

Forton Road, Chard (30mph)

Harp Road, Watergore (40mph)

Head Street/Yeovil Road, Nr jct Vicarage Street, Tintinhull (30mph)

Highway, Nr Ash (30mph)

Holton Cross, Holton (30mph)

Horton (30mph) S

Kingweston Road, Charlton Mackrell (30mph)

Larkhill Road, Yeovil (30mph)

Lopen Village (30mph)

Lyde Road, Yeovil (30mph)

Merriott Road, Merriott (30mph)

Milborne Port Road, Charlton Horethorne (30mph)

Milford Road, Yeovil (30mph)

Montacute Road, Montacute (30mph)

Newton Road, Stoford (30mph)

North Street, Drayton (30mph)

Old Road, Odcombe (30mph)

Podimore village (30mph)

Pound Road, Broadway (30mph)

Preston Grove, Yeovil (30mph)

Preston Road, Nr St James Church, Yeovil (30mph)

Seavington St Michael (30mph)

Stourton Way, Yeovil (30mph)

Swan Hill, Haselbury Plucknett (30mph)

Thorne Lane, Yeovil (30mph)

Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi (30mph)

Tintinhull Road, Chilthorne Domer (30mph)

Wadeford Hill, nr jct Pudleigh Lane, Wadeford (30mph)

West Hill, Wincanton (30mph)

West Lambrook, Nr jct West Lane (30mph)

West Street, Stoke Sub Hamdon (30mph)

Wiltown, Curry Rivel (30mph)