A BURNHAM-on-Sea man has hit out at the town council as he claims they have failed to take action to repair fingerposts in the town despite him raising the issue three times in the last year.

Alex Turco, operations director at Positive Wealth Creation, claims the fingerposts in High Street are in desperate need of repair and no action has been taken despite him raising the issue for the third time at Burnham and Highbridge Town Council’s annual town meeting on May 13.

He said thinks it is ‘unacceptable’ that the council has taken no action to repair them.

“The issue is with the High Street fingerposts which were installed in 2015 with money we got from the Tesco project,” Mr Turco said.

“Every single fingerpost in our High Street has paint peeling off and some of them are almost unreadable. They are in shocking condition.

“As well as working in the town centre I live here so I notice these things.

“I first raised the issue at a meeting in March 2018. It was then put on a list of high street faults in July 2018.

“Nothing was done so I raised it again in December 2018 when I was informed by the council that it was in hand.

“By May nothing had happened so I raised it again at a town council meeting.

“It is part of a much bigger narrative about how Burnham-on-Sea adapts to the new tourist and retail realities of the 21st century.

“People want to be in and visit nice places and to make this a nice place basic maintenance whether it is done through the council or privately, is a must.”

Mr Turco, who is a member of the Burnham Evolution Project team, said funds will be used from the Burnham Evolution Project to repair signs on the town’s Esplanade but he thinks more should be done to repair the signs.

He added: “I don’t feel angry but it is symptomatic of the town council’s increasing disconnection from the people.

“It is meant to represent the town and given over a four year cycle it spends £2.5 million of ratepayers money, you would have thought a few quid to paint a few signs could be found.”

A spokesman for Burnham and Highbridge Town Council said: “The town council is grateful to Mr Turco for alerting members of the need for refurbishment of the finger posts.

“I have no information on any conversations between the previous administration and Mr Turco but the issue will be addressed.”