THE Princess Theatre Company take to the stage this week for one night only. Dream Boy, written by Burnham-on-sea author, Lewis Coleman, is a comedy about a family dealing with grief.

Lewis said: "I’ve always found when you lose someone, laughter helps you get through it. You remember the fun times, the love, and the daft things they did."

The play is full of ‘daft things’ in dream scenes. A dancing baked bean can, a Monty Pythonesque song, and a recurring theme about the 1980’s comic actor, John Candy, who the young title character has never heard of, but still dreams about.

Lewis said: "There’s an element of mystery to it, as Callum, the 20 year old dreamer, tries to figure out why he’s dreaming about the things he is. Things have happened which he can’t quite remember."

He’s helped, and sometimes hindered, by his training-psychiatrist sister, Rosie, who’s always at hand to try and analyse what’s wrong with him. They live with their drunken grandfather, a cantankorous lovable rogue, who loves to stir things up.

Fyre Cook, the actress playing Rosie, said: "Rosie is the adult in the play, but just like Cal and their grandfather, she’s struggling to deal with things herself. Like all of us, she doesn’t always get it right, whilst negotiating a grief we all experience at one time or another in life."

Dream Boy is on at the Princess Theatre at 7pm on Saturday June 8.