WITH around two weeks until thousands take to the fields of Somerset for the five days of music, magic and mayhem at the Glastonbury Festival, we thought we'd give you a few recommendations.

But while most will already have their evenings planned with the big names on the Pyramid Stage, here are 11 acts you might never have heard of - but should definitely see if you get the chance...

And if you're worried about clashes - check here for who's on when with our Clashfinder.

There are many more great acts which we would advise you to see, of course, but here are some of our top recommended listens:

The Burning Hell

Led by songwriter Mathias Kom, The Burning Hell are a Candian band - currently a trio - specialising in witty, literal songs telling surreal and spectacular stories of everyday life.

If you're looking for a way to pick yourself up on Saturday morning, get over to see them. You won't regret it.

When are they on? Saturday, 11.30am
Where? The Avalon Stage
Check out: Canadian Wine, Amateur Rappers, The River (Never Freezes Anymore)

Grace Petrie

With her roots in the East Midlands, Grace Petrie has emerged as a key protest voice in the past decade or so.

While subject matter including the coalition government, the impact of austerity, battling homophobia and gender stereotypes may not sound like a recipe for fun, Petrie manages to make mincemeat of those topics - while ensuring you go away smiling in protest.

Great music and fun, with an important message - it's Glastonbury in a nutshell.

When are they on? Friday, 1.40pm
Where? Acoustic Stage
Check out: Black Tie, Farewell to Welfare, Pride

Declan Welsh & The Decadent West

'Where do we go? You cannae even go on the Dole.

There's only one thing to know,

That everybody struggles in this whole world.'

Britpop (East Kilbride to be precise), crossed with punk fury and teenage angst, have seen Declan Welsh and the Decadent West - along with the likes of Grace Petrie - emerge as leading spokespeople for Generation Z.

Expect riff-laden, dirty guitar anthems, with Clash-meets-Britpop harmonies and a touch of Smashing Pumpkins lead work.

When are they on? Friday, 5pm
Where? Left Field
Check out: Absurd, Lull, Do What You Want


Perhaps the most recognisable name on this list, it feels like Norweigan voice Sigrid has been the background music for every advert for the last two years, since she smashed her way into the public consciousness with Don't Kill My Vibe.

But there's more to debut album, Sucker Punch, than simply huge pop melodies.

Sigrid manages to bring a weighty energy and passion to songs which otherwise could easily have disappeared into the pop ether.

And she dares to cover the legendary Leonard Cohen's 'Everybody Knows' too, so she's certainly brave...

When are they on? Saturday, 7pm
Where? Other Stage
Check out: Don't Kill My Vibe, Strangers, Don't Feel Like Crying

Circa Waves

Liverpool four-piece Circa Waves combine acute pop sensibilities and stylised production that would make them right at home on the soundtrack to any emotionally-tinged teen drama.

But there is, buried beneath the silky-smooth production, an altogether more edgy punk-rock style to produce rock and roll that's, mainly, easy on the ears - and perfect festival fodder (if BBC producers are looking for the tune for the coverage credits - head here).

Expect huge choruses that immediately give you that 'I'm-sure-I've-heard-this-somewhere-before' feeling - but in a good way.

And if the sun is shining, 'T Shirt Weather' could be the song of Glastonbury. Actually, even if it's not, it could be the song of the festival.

When are they on? Sunday, 11.50am
Where? Other Stage
Check out: T-Shirt Weather, Movies, The Way We Say Goodbye

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Sam Fender

Named among the usually-cursed (in my mind anyway) BBC's Sound of... group for 2018 - alongside Sigrid, funnily enough - Fender has proved to be a standout voice of the last 12 months.

He's unleashed a number of singles and an EP (Dead Boys) on the public which is still thirsty for more (Debut album - Hypersonic Missiles - is coming in August) of his almost Springsteen-esque penchant for building a song before smashing your ears in with crescendo choruses.

Expect politically-revealing, hard-hitting rock tunes with anthemic qualities.

When are they on? Friday, 3.15pm
Where? John Peel Stage
Check out: Play God, Hypersonic Missiles, Dead Boys

Lucy Spraggan

Okay, she's already quite famous having appeared on X Factor, but I don't watch that, so had no idea she had already been in the national spotlight when I heard some of her witty and at times hard-hitting songwriting.

She lurches from touching pop romance, to the brutality of a social media generation, to hilarity and hard-hitting tales, in the blink of an eye.

Expect to laugh, dance and enjoy.

When are they on? Sunday, 3.20pm
Where? Avalon Stage
Check out: Lucky Stars, You're Too Young, Tea & Toast

Entombed AD

For those Glasto goers who like their music heavy, the Scum stage has been a revelation, featuring the likes of Napalm Death in recent years.

This year, if you catch one band in this far-flung corner of the site, try and see Entombed AD, the latest incarnation of legendary metallers, Entombed.

Their 1993 album, Wolverine Blues, is one of THE great metal albums.

If you need waking up - or achy muscles that need beating back into shape - they will do the job.

When are they on? Thursday/Friday 12.15am
Where? Scum
Check out: Eyemaster, Left-Hand Path, Wolverine Blues

Six By Seven

If you fancy a genuine, joyful trip back to the 90s, then Six By Seven could be the band for you.

Always on the tip of breaking through amid the sea of Britpop and grunge, the Nottingham five-piece spins from achingly earnest balladry to Stone Roses-eqsue beats on a whim, but whether it's time to get your dancing shoes on, or to have a whimper in your beer, they always have something to offer.

When are they on? Friday, Noon
Where? The Glade
Check out: Candlelight, For You, I O U Love


Throw heavy metal and voodoo into a pot, add a sprinkle of soul and you get something just a bit different. That is Vodun.

Described as 'heavy afro doom', this London trio specialises in riffs that you can't help but jump to, mixed with melodies of seemingly impossible vocal dexterity.

If you are up for a late one - make sure you head out to see them.

When are they on? Friday, 4am
Where? Scum
Check out: Spirits Past, Mawu, Started From

Meanwhile, Taunton four-year-old Purple has also issued her must-see tips, from a windy Worthy Farm...

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