A £4.6MILLION project to redevelop the former Highbridge Hotel site will be completed in September, the YMCA has revealed.

Martin Hodgson, chief executive of YMCA Dulverton Group, announced the news during a presentation at a Burnham and Highbridge Town Council meeting on Monday (June 24) and said the multi million pound project is ‘progressing well’ and is scheduled be completed on September 25.

Mr Hodgson said the ‘YMCA Community Branch Highbridge’ will be ‘a gateway project’ to transform Highbridge and will comprise of a community hub, meeting rooms, a sports hall, a cafe and 23 homes for young people.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Hodgson, said: “I still hear the ‘h’ word a lot, people keep asking why we are building another hotel in Highbridge but we want to reassure you that it is not a hotel it is a community venue where the local community can come together.

“One of the things we have been developing around Sedgemoor and in Taunton is the concept of a community branch.

“We know what is needed in Highbridge and Burnham is different to what is needed elsewhere but one thing we have learnt from speaking to the community is that they want somewhere for older people to go.

“The 23 homes we have built are large units that people can call home. You can’t expect people to thrive if you put them in a box.

“The homes will only be given to people who are volunteering or have found work in the community who may need a bit of a hand making their way into their own home.

“The team have worked really really well in a confined space to get this space ready and I cannot wait for you all to see it.”

Cllr Richard Gardiner-White asked Mr Hodgson how many people will be employed at the new community branch and whether they will be employed locally.

Mr Hodgson said around 12 people will be employed to work at the community hub and the YMCA will be recruiting the staff locally.

Mr Hodgson said the coloured walls which will be installed at the rear of the building in two to three weeks time, will be toned down after councillors described them as a ‘Legoland monstrosity.’

Cllr Andy Brewer, mayor of Burnham and Highbridge, said: “I think this facility is going to be an asset to our community. I would like to congratulate you and your team on what you have achieved so far, I think you are doing very well.”