‘THE steel frame they have put up is just metres from my home, I can almost touch it with my hand.’

Those are the words of pregnant mother of two, Debbie Kaye, who claims a steel frame which will later be built into a new Co-op store is just meters from her home in Morland Road and works to build it have caused disruption to her family.

The new Morlands Co-op store in Highbridge is being built on land which was previously occupied by the former Morlands Industrial Park and will have 15 car parking spaces and a one bedroom flat.

Debbie said: “I don’t get much light into my property as it is as it is a Coachhouse and only has three windows but when this shop goes up I will lose a lot of that light and it will be really dark and dingy in here.

“The steel frame that they have put up is just metres from my home, I can almost touch it with my hand if I lean out of my window.

“The traffic on Morland Road is busy as it is as King Alfred School and Churchfield School are both located on Burnham Road which is just off Morland Road. If this new shop goes up it is only going to get worse.

“A few weeks ago the builders bought over some machinery to the site and me and my two children were woken up at 7.45am by our house shaking.

“My two girls were crying, stuff was breaking and falling down off my walls, it was really scary.”

Debbie said when the plans were originally submitted for the store in 2017 she wrote a letter of complaint to Sedgemoor District Council opposing the development but she never received a response.

She also reported the issue to her housing officer but received no response.

The mother of two said she was ‘mortified’ when she heard plans to allow late night deliveries to the store had been supported by Burnham and Highbridge Town Council in June and said she has fears there will be more traffic problems as a result.

She said: “It is not safe for me and my children to live in this property.

“Its already busy on Morland Road at night and late night deliveries will only make the traffic problems worse.

“My partner and I have will be moving into privately rented accommodation in the a month so I am lucky that I am not staying here. I just feel sorry for residents in the area who are going to have to deal with this.”

A spokesman for Radstock Co-op ,said: “The Society has no one available to comment at this particular time.”