THIS is the giant swordfish a stunned man discovered washed up on a beach as he went for a morning stroll.

The huge eight-foot long fish was spotted lying dead on Berrow Beach by Graham Parker as he returned for a walk and spotted it near the beach's car park.

Graham said: "It is not something you come across every day, an 8ft swordfish on Berrow beach, it was quite a surprise for us to see it by the car park.

"When I got there the beach warden had everything in hand , I think a team from marine medics were on site to recover it.

"I think it must have come in on last nights high tide you could see where it had been thrashing about as the tide went out, this mornings tide didn’t come up as far.

"We have a caravan on John Fowler’s Sandyglade Holiday Park but we live in the midlands but come down here most weekend.

"It’s a shame to see something like this.

"I saw there was a bite mark on it and thought something bigger had a go at it."