A MAN said more needs to be done by his surgery to make appointments available to patients as he claims he regularly struggles to get seen by his GP.

Mr Green, a patient at Highbridge Medical Centre, claims over the last year he has struggled to get an appointment to see his GP for treatment for depression despite repeated phone calls to staff.

He claims some reception staff at the practice have been unable to tell him when GP appointments will be available and have given him conflicting information about what services can be used by patients.

He said: “I suffer from depression as well as other medical conditions which I need to see my GP regularly for.

“I have called up to book an appointment only to be told that there are none available, when I ask for the next available appointment some of the reception staff can’t tell me when it is.

“When this happens I pop into the surgery but some of the reception staff are rude and abrupt with me and don’t seem interested in helping me to book an appointment.

“Some of them have not been able to tell me about whether I can access urgent care services and have been dismissive when I have asked them questions.

“I want to have a good relationship with my doctors surgery, I want them to be there so I can rely on them. I don’t need to have an appointment straight away but would like to be informed when an appointment becomes available.

“I think if the surgery had a list of everyone who is wanting an urgent appointment then if a slot became available they could call someone on the list and see if they want the appointment.”

A spokesperson for Highbridge Medical Centre said patients can contact the surgery if they have any issues and they take complaints ‘very seriously’.

“We have had frequent contact with Mr Green and are currently investigating the concerns raised through the correct procedures,” the spokesman said.

“As a busy healthcare centre, we experience a daily, high demand for appointments and as much as possible, patients with urgent medical needs are seen on the same day.

“Routine appointments are offered with a wide range of healthcare professionals for patients who need ongoing healthcare support, or follow up care.

“ At peak times,or during staff sickness, patients may experience longer waits for appointments.

“Providing a high quality, safe service to our patients is our highest priority and we are always keen to receive feedback.”