RESIDENTS at a Burnham-on-Sea care home have enjoyed reading postcards sent from people across the country thanks to a new scheme.

Volunteers from Women Who Write, a group based in Burnham, have been writing letters and postcards to residents at The Towans in Berrow Road for the last month in a bid to combat loneliness and isolation in the elderly and encourage social interaction.

Vicky Sutton-Thompson, who is part of the scheme and works at The Towans, said: "Women Who Write write messages on cards and postcards which are distributed to people locally who are lonely and feel isolated.

"The Towans care home was the first home to be involved in the project and some of our residents have enjoyed receiving the cards and reading the messages from members of the group.

"The scheme was set up by Helen Brodie and we have been delivering the cards to the home as well as local hospitals and other homes.

"It has been lovely to see so many people being so happy as they open the postcards, it has been a big success so far."

Residents at The Towans receive the cards fortnightly and sit with staff and other residents and talk about where the person who wrote their postcard has been and what they have learnt from it.

Jo Boobyer, activities co-ordinator at The Towans, said all of the cards which are delivered to residents are written anonymously and the scheme has been a big hit with residents.

She said: "Not everyone who lives at The Towans has a family and it is really nice for them to receive a postcard or a letter from someone.

"They get to hear about what the person has been doing and where they have travelled and many of them have found it really interesting.

"We have had residents sitting down for hours talking to each other about their postcards and many of them are already excited to receive their next postcard.

"It is a lovely thing for the volunteers to do and we are grateful to everyone who gives up their time do this for our residents."

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I really loved my first postcard, the image on the front of it was really striking.

"It will be great to get another one soon."

If you would be interested in volunteering to write postcards search for Women Who Write on Facebook.