A MENTAL health charity which was set up in memory of a popular Burnham-on-Sea teenager has moved to a new home for the second time in two years.

In Charley’s Memory (ICM) was founded by Jo Clement in 2014 to help young people with mental health problems after her son, Charley, took his own life at the age of 18.

The charity has been increasing in size over the last two years and seeing more young people than ever before.

As a result ICM has outgrown its premises at Rose Farm in Jaycroft Road and has moved to a new home in Brue Way, Highbridge.

Dawn Carey, operations manager at In Charley’s Memory, said: “We have had to move now because we are so busy now, both with admin and with counselling.

“The new office is a better working space for us.

“For the first time we are able to offer parent somewhere to wait whilst their child is being seen.

“And the fact that we are within walking distance from the train station means we are now easily accessible to all.”

Dawn said although the charity is happy in their new home and staff were sad to leave Rose Farm.

She said she is excited for the charity’s next chapter and thanked the YMCA and the community for their support.

“We have loved being at Rose Farm and the support we received from the YMCA but we are looking forward to starting a new chapter.

“Our neighbours Hy-Tech Enamellers have made this such an easy move and we would like to thank them for providing all the signage.

“It was a lovely surprise for us when we moved in.”

The charity's new offices have three counselling rooms, a new kitchen area, a new reception area, new toilets and ample parking for visitors.

Tammy Webb-Gardner, lead counsellor for In Charley’s Memory, said the new counselling rooms are warm and inviting and she is pleased the charity has a comfortable space to help their clients in.

She said: "We loved our time at Rose Farm however we are pleased to be starting a new adventure in Brue Way.

"We used to have two counselling rooms but now we have three which is great as they are a warm and comfortable space for our counsellors to help young people.

"We have continued to grow in the last year with more young people coming through our door than ever before.

"Our new space looks professional and we have a lovely waiting area for parents which is great.

"We are looking forward to the future."