THE Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team had three call outs in a short period of time yesterday (Saturday).

It first attended a parent and two children reportedly struggling in the mud at Brean Down as they tried to make their way to safety with the tide coming in.

Fortunately they were able to find a stretch of firm sand, but they checked to see they were OK and were offered safety advice

A Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team spokesman said: “We appreciate that kids need to let off steam but please be aware of the dangers you are facing in knee-deep mud with an incoming tide.

"There was not a lot of gap between them and the sea and if they hadn't hit a solid patch they would have been getting very wet.

"The fact ourselves and BARB Search and Rescue team were on our way to another incident further along means we were there and would have been in time to reach them before they became swamped."

The team was then called to deal with two cars stranded in mud - one of the vehicles had actually been attempting to tow the other one out of the much.

Both were winched out by BARB Search and Rescue.

The third incident involved a Jack Russell English Bull Terrier cross dog apparently lost over the cliff on Brean Down.

The BARB team carried out a search but were unable to find the dog as the tide came in fast.

Its distraught owner was then almost cut off by the tide as he searched for his pet.

The fate of the dog is unknown at this stage.